About Survaider

We're a small team of highly dedicated engineers who are in quest to solve the most challenging problem every business faces.

"What does my customer like and dislike?"

Knowing answer to this question is like having a super power, having this unfair advantage over all your competitors. Companies who listen to their customers and are responsive to their preferences, create an army of loyal customers who are inelastic to external changes.
But customers are talking everywhere, to different people, different departments at different times! Aggregating all this data across all channels and department then trying to make sense out of this unstructured data is a hard problem. We are trying to apply latest research in the field of AI and NLP to solve this problem for businesses.

The Team

Our team is a group of super talented, all round engineers who along with writing awesome code, are passionate about solving really hard problems.

We also have some great mentors helping us through this journey and are backed by some amazing mentors and investors.

Want to be a part of our super group and help us in solving this problem? Got ideas you want to share? Any feedback or comments? or just want to hang out with us? Feel free to reach out to us at info@survaider.com

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